Low speed machines have a lot of different names and sizes; some people refer to them as “swing machines” or “motor on a stick” and the most popular size revolves around the 17″ & 20″ units. However, there is a glaring challenge that most organizations face…low speed machines, by any name or size, are not user friendly. In fact, there is typically in-depth training that has to be conducted to  the safety of the individual using the equipment. This training also helps insure coworkers & against facility (walls & furnishings) damage. Even after the initial training is completed, most operators are very intimidated using the low speed machine(s) because of how easy it is to lose control of the unit and possibly get injured. A seasoned professional is normally needed that can use the machine with no problem, but that often takes weeks or months of practice to become sufficient at utilizing the machine to its full capacity. 

Additionally, low speed machines are extremely limited concerning features & functionality. It’s main purpose is to do what we call a “traditional strip”: lay down stripper, let the solution settle for ~10 minutes, then use the low speed machines to try to remove all the layers of finish. Then, apply 4-5 coats of new finish to achieve the desired level of gloss. 

For individuals unfamiliar with operating a low speed machine, it can seem a treacherous task. This is excluding the overwhelming opinion that low speed floor machines perform poorly on tile & grout. It should also be noted that the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) does not endorse bonnet cleaning carpets. In fact, bonnet cleaning carpets will void your carpets’ warranty if you decide to use such a method.

Industry trends are indicating that most organizations are looking for alternative solutions to low speed machines due mainly to the complications & dangers with:

  • Machinery entailed in usage
  • Unforeseen reduction in workforce
  • Increased physicality needed to operate machines.

This is where the Square Scrub Pivot & Doodle Scrub comes into action. The Square Scrub Pivot is available in 18″, 20″ and 28″ sizes to accomodate any size job. The Doodle Scrub is a compact 4″ x 9″  portable unit that’s available in cord electric or battery but has the same amount of down pressure per sq in as it’s big brother the Pivot 20. 

The thing that truly separates the Square Scrub Pivot and Doodle Scrub from the low speed unit is that anybody, no matter size, gender or age can operate the unit safely and confidently with about 2 minutes of training. Square Scrub products can be used on any floor surface, drastically reducing your detail work. That’s because Square Scrub Pivot & Doodle Scrub get close to the walls and fit into corners unlike the traditional round machine. 

Speed up your productivity when it comes to stripping your VCT floors by utilizing a method called “Top Scrub & Recoat” with Square Scrub Pivot & Doodle Scrub. To achieve the desired level of gloss, the top two to three layers of finish are removed and another two to three layers of finish reapplied. The Top Scrub & Recoat method has increased productivity as high as 64% while saving approximately 60 gallons of water.  It also allows for care of high traffic areas, eliminating all the mess, smell of the stripping chemical and down time that traditional stripping methods require.

Square Scrub products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Keeping your money local and supporting US based companies for our components has always been our top priority.