Baseboard & Stair
Riser Cleaning

Baseboards on tile floors tend to get dirty from mops slapping against them, depositing soils and detergent residues into the porous grout lines. Baseboards along VCT floors with floor finish can have mop residue along with floor finish and an accumulation of overspray from detergents.

All of these situations make baseboard cleaning imperative to provide your facility with a high level of appearance. Clean floors next to dirty baseboards make the job look unfinished. The challenge is scrubbing the baseboards by hand, which is back-breaking and tiresome work! Stair risers get dirty in a similar fashion as baseboards due to mopping but also add scuffing and kicking of shoes which can be difficult to manually remove.

The solution to cleaning baseboards and stair risers is the Doodle Skate! An accessory that pairs with the Doodle Scrub, the Doodle Skate allows the orbital cleaning power of the Doodle Scrub to be turned 90 degrees to power-scrub these difficult-to-clean areas!

Tools Needed:

3D Blue Scrub Pad


Blue Driver Pad


SHO Wet Strip Pad SS P0511SHO


Steps for Cleaning Baseboards and Step Risers

1. Prepare for cleaning by applying the Doodle Skate to the Doodle Scrub. See page 16 for instructions on how to do this.

2. Apply any detergents you wish to use to the surface.

3. Run the Doodle Skate along the surface to power-scrub the baseboard or stair riser!