With businesses, thankfully, unlocking their doors and welcoming an all-too-eager consumer base back into their stores, restaurants, bars, etc, commercial floor cleaning companies are ramping back up to meet the flurry of feet.  With the new focus on cleanliness, sanitation, and safety of our indoor interactions, what do commercial, professional cleaning services need to address moving forward into the “new normal”?

  1. First things first…People.  Cleaning programs need to focus on cleaning for health first, then for appearance.  Cleaning programs should always be undertaken to benefit the people who live, work, heal, and study in these facilities; a concept that applies not only to the customers for whom the cleaning is being done, but for employees.  Whereas rigorous scheduling and continued updating of the establishment’s commitment to cleanliness reassures the customer, this also translates to assuredness and trust with the employees that they are entering a safe and hygienic environment.
  2. Where there is an upcoming consumer influx, there needs to be increased Frequency.  As architect Timothy Hawk stated in an early article addressing floor cleaning during pandemic and moving forward concerning frequency of cleaning, “Sanitization protocols and daily maintenance will be critical.”  Pre-pandemic cleaning and disinfection in some spaces might have been a weekly or even monthly occurrence, but now it will be an almost daily or even hourly necessity to keep all businesses safe, open and thriving.
  3. There is an order to things that must be followed when cleaning and disinfecting…CLEANING COMES FIRST.  When washing a car, you don’t get car wash soap, a sponge and a bucket of water, soap up the entire car & call it a day and drive off into the sunset.  You have started the process of getting the dirt, bacteria, germs, muck removed but still must wash it all away before officially “clean”. Same with floors; a thorough cleaning is the first step, removing the debris, dirt, and grime from the floor so they do not interfere with the next step. After the floor is clean, the second step of disinfection can commence to eliminate any remaining bacteria & germs that could be lingering.

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