About US

Square Scrub® floor scrubbing equipment and other products are made right here in America with American Made components. The steel used in our frame comes from Arkansas and is fabricated just a few minutes from our factory.   Our commercial floor machines are assembled by hand.  The Leeson Motor is made in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. We believe in American Made products and the opportunities created by supporting American companies. That is why we make every effort to incorporate components that are made right here in the United States of America.

At Square Scrub®, our passion for craftsmanship and superior quality really shows in the details.

The vibration reducing isolated handle passes less machine vibration on to the body, reducing user fatigue so you can keep on working.  Ideal weight distribution allows full tool to surface contact.  This makes our floor scrubbing equipment have better and more efficient use of each pad by making the most of each machine pass – saving you both time and money.  We know that details like a smoother ride and more efficient pad pressure can really make a difference in a long workday.  At Square Scrub®, we are always committed to finding even more ways to make your work day just a bit easier.

We at Square Scrub know that time is money and the Square Scrub Floor Preparation Machine was born to maximize productivity in every application. With a selection of over 100 different surface preparation tools.  We feel there really is one machine for the job. The Square Scrub EBG Surface Preparation Machines are designed to make the most efficient use of every pad, paper or screen used with the machine, saving both time and money.

Absolutely! the best of the best to meet my cleaning of hard wood and ceramic flooring! This company has gone above and beyond to help me with solutions to making my work easier and my home and business shine. Their sales people are the most courteous and knowledgeable in the industry in helping with the latest products to get the job done!

~ Jason C.

With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, the process is not only more user friendly, it is environmentally friendly as well. Operators will enjoy labor savings through our chemical free process. Where chemical stripping requires a minimum of two people, the Square Scrub chemical free process requires only one. With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, operators will use significantly less water, wax and other chemicals. Our pads are made of recycled materials.  All Square Scrub commercial floor machines are very quiet. 

The bottom line is no matter which EBG Surface Preparation Machine you use, Square Scrub is Productivity squared.   Just a fun tidbit EBG stands for elbow grease.    My dad always told me to put more elbow grease into the cleaning project at hand.   So think of your EBG floor scrubbing equipment as electric elbow grease.

Please contact us at 1-800-557-6822 to request a demonstration of our EBG Surface Preparation Machine.  Real people answer our phones.   You wont get a menu of buttons to push. Our nationwide US and Canada representatives always welcome an opportunity to share the beneficial features that make Square Scrub the best tool for ANY surface preparation project.