In the age of a global pandemic, attention to cleanliness has never been more important. Businesses, especially medical facilities, are spending more effort on cleaning and disinfecting, in an attempt to provide as much safety as possible to patients, clients, and patrons. We’re all adapting to this heightened level of awareness around dirt and germs, and making the necessary adjustments, so we can reduce the risks of spreading viruses like COVID-19. Many companies have boosted their policies around cleaning and disinfecting, with more stringent requirements around handwashing, disposing of used equipment, and sanitation of shared spaces.

High-traffic areas tend to accumulate a great deal of grime and potentially infectious agents. Floors and baseboards should be given just as much attention as door handles and countertops, especially these days. While many people are intimidated around the idea of deep cleaning and disinfecting their floors, it’s actually easier than one might expect. With the right equipment, you can restore your floors and baseboards to a lustrous shine, and most importantly, a sanitary state once again.

Floors are often the dirtiest surfaces in most businesses, including hospitals, gyms, schools, restaurants, and retail stores. Even airborne germs, like the COVID-19 virus, end up on the floor, thanks to gravity’s pull on any drop of moisture from a cough or sneeze. This is in addition to all the other unsightly things like droplets of sweat, flakes of skin, strands of hair, and any dirt or debris dragged in on the soles of our shoes. Strict cleaning requirements make sense during times like these and will likely continue to be in place even after the worst of COVID-19 is over.

To stay in compliance, and to offer a safe environment for your visitors, knowing the right way to clean your floors is paramount. Getting the best combination of surface cleaning and disinfecting depends on several different factors: the type of flooring material you have, the type of cleaning equipment you use, and the time and effort you put into your cleaning job.

When it comes to your floors, it’s important to know about your material, the manufacturer’s guidance on cleaning that material, and to use the right equipment for your floor type. Most businesses have hard flooring like linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, rubber, or something similar, which provides good durability without a ton of maintenance. Keep in mind, however, that low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance! It’s a good idea to regularly scrub and disinfect your floors, particularly during a pandemic.

For textured floors, a deeper clean may be required. The same features that offer slip resistance can also cause dirt and grime to collect. Using a professional machine such as the Doodle Scrub or Square Scrub Pivot, and the Doodle Skate for baseboards, ensures a rigorous clean, suitable for high-traffic areas. Textured floors may be resistant to mop/bucket cleaning, so it’s best to use a commercial-grade machine to lift the dirt completely.

Smooth floors can handle a lighter clean, using machines such as the Doodle Mop, as long as the cleaning solutions are changed regularly. High quality scrubber pads also provide a higher shine for smooth floors.

For optimal health and safety, use a floor disinfecting solution that is compatible with your floor type. This does add an extra step to your cleaning process but is vital during a pandemic. It’s important to clean before and after using a disinfectant, so it can reach into every inch of the surface, without leaving a sticky residue afterwards.

In these times, cleanliness is more important than ever. Make sure you use professional floor and baseboard cleaning equipment, like that from Square Scrub, and you understand the best options for your floor material. Change your pads and cleaning solutions often. Routinely check your equipment and perform any repairs or upgrades as soon as you can. And of course, thank your janitorial team for the extra time and energy it will take to keep your floors safe and sanitary!