Virginia Beach City Public Schools in Virginia Beach, VA, has found the perfect floor machine to deep clean the hard to reach areas throughout their 93 campuses.

As the second largest school district in Virginia, the custodial staff has 11.5 million square feet of flooring to clean on a daily basis. With edges and hard to reach areas being the toughest and most time-consuming parts of floor care, the custodial staff has found a solution in the Doodle Scrub® EBG-9 by Square Scrub®.

The Doodle Scrub® is a small orbital floor machine that deep cleans the tough to reach areas that large floor machines cannot access. With the same pounds per square inch and scrubbing power as the heavy floor machines, the Doodle Scrub® is in a class of its own. By producing an enormous amount of scrubbing power in a compact size the Doodle Scrub® is the perfect fit for cleaning behind toilets, under urinals, stairs, showers, and more. This revolutionary machine can also dry prep VCT, run deep in chemical stripper, and polish stone.

In 2016, the school district purchased 90 Doodle Scrub® machines. “This has been the best equipment purchase we have ever made. The Doodle Scrub® has greatly reduced the number of man hours spent with workers on their knees trying to scrub behind toilets and other time consuming tasks,” said Larry Ames, director of custodial services.

After one full year of use Ames said, “All 90 units are still fully operational. We’re rough on equipment, but the Doodle Scrub® is a solid machine. We use these machines every day on all of our campuses to clean bathrooms and stairs, but they don’t sit in the closet during the summer. That’s when we use them to wet strip all of our VCT edging and corners, which have always been problem areas.”

“We haven’t had to replace a single grip face either. Even after running them in chemical stripper all summer,” Ames stated. The Doodle Scrub® grip face is made of a new white Velcro material that has proven to be more chemically resistant than the older plastic toothed material found on the majority of current floor machines.

The compact and powerful Doodle Scrub® offers:

• 4,100 rpm motor
• 22 pounds
• Low amp draw (1.2 amps)
• 2-position handle

• Long-lasting grip face
• Floor types include: Tile and grout, VCT, hardwood, rubberized flooring, laminate, stone care, and much more.
• Optional Accessory: Doodle Skate® baseboard scrubbing attachment.
Ames concluded, “The Doodle Scrub® is easy to use, and did not require any training. We use them everywhere we can.”