Operating a fitness facility during a pandemic can be difficult due to the nature of what happens when people exercise and where they exercise. Every fitness center or gym deals with sweat as people work out and perspire. Not only does sweat have the potential to harbor bacteria, but it also contributes to odors in the gym. Sometimes gyms even have to deal with blood, particularly in CrossFit gyms where repetition can cause some bleeding on hands. During a pandemic, body fluids on the floor are a great concern.

Effectively cleaning the floors in a fitness facility can be difficult as well. Areas that are congested with equipment, many of which are close to the ground and have low clearance, make it difficult to clean those areas with anything other than a mop. Mops have very little ability to actually remove soil effectively, causing them to push soil around or leave it behind to create a living biofilm on the floor.


The Square Scrub BattMop provides an affordable solution to cleaning floors in fitness facilities & gyms. The compact design and battery power allow the operator to easily clean around and under equipment in a gym where bodily fluids are found on the floor. The single-use microfiber pads can be charged with disinfectant for cleaning and thrown away when they are soiled. Single-use microfibers eliminate the need to launder mop heads or the potential of cross contamination.

Put the cleaning power of an auto scrubber in everyone’s hands, without the hassle or cords or hauling around (or storing) a large machine.

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