Battery-powered floor machines are some of the most impactful developments in cleaning equipment over the past few years.  The technology has developed to the point that run-times and re-charge times now make battery-powered equipment the go-to solution for equipment that, in the past, had to be plugged in.
Battery-powered floor scrubbers provide the freedom of motion and movement that is ideal when cleaning and maneuvering in tight spaces such as patient rooms, offices, and classrooms.  Additionally, the trip-and-fall hazards associated with cords being drug over walkways are also eliminated.  Thus, these innovative floor cleaning and preparation tools create both a safer and more productive environment.
But what about the safety of the battery itself?  We have all seen horrifying videos of poorly-designed and inexpensive batteries catching fire in children’s toys.  Anytime batteries are brought into a facility, you need to be sure they are well-designed and safe for both the operator and those around them.
At Square Scrub, we have developed an innovative battery pack for our Battmop and Battscrub to provide the ultimate in safety, versatility and mobility.  Our battery packs are designed with an integrated Battery Management System which continuously monitors each individual cell in our 42-volt battery pack for both voltage and temperature.  The Battery Management System shuts the batteries off at preset high and low limits, keeping them from overcharging or running too low.  The batteries are housed inside the Battmop and Battscrub’s aluminum handle to provide comfortable operation.
Finally, certification of batteries assures that you have the safest system possible, and it has been tested thoroughly.  Even though testing and certification is not required on batteries below 50 volts, our 42-volt battery pack carries certifications for both UL and CSA.  Additionally, our battery pack has UN 38.3 certification, which means it is safe to ship worldwide.

If you would like to discuss our battery systems and how they can help you improve your cleaning processes, please reach out for more information.