Cleaning LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl, or LVT, is the only floor surface that has grown over the past 6 years, quadrupling in square feet installed from 1.2 billion in 2015 to a projection of 4.8 billion in 2020. This floor contains 4 layers:

• Vinyl foundation
• Photo image of the floor
• Plastic protective sheet
• UV-cured ceramic coating

How LVT is constructed and why it is challenging to clean

The challenge for cleaning technicians comes after the floor is put together and it is stamped or embossed with a pattern to resemble the grain or wood or texture the manufacturer wants the floor to have. These embossed areas create a low spot where solution from the cleaning process naturally runs to, leaving behind a sticky residue of detergent and soil after it evaporates. Generally, these patterns are very fine and are not effectively cleaned by pads or brushes since they cannot get down into the texture of the floor. This results in floors looking dull and dirty from the soil build-up.

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The solution is the 3D Blue Tile & Grout Pad used on either the Square Scrub Pivot in large, open areas, or on the Square Scrub Doodle Scrub in small, congested areas. The 30 Blue Tile & Grout Pad is designed for any surface that has dimension to it, such as LVT, tile & grout, or rubberized safety flooring.

Doodle Scrub SS P0511TGBV

EBG-20/C Pivot

EBG-28 Pivot

The polypropylene fibers of the 3D Blue Tile & Grout Pad do a fantastic job of gently digging out the soil and detergent residue from the texture of the floor. The pad is not abrasive and will not damage the flooring. Here is a series of videos that explains the following:

The 3D Blue Tile & Grout Pad

This new and improved Blue Tile & Grout Pad is designed for deeper scrubbing of tile & grout surfaces. The  integrated velcro backing extends the pad life, and minimizes slippage between the pad and the machine. No driver pad required.

How the 3D Blue Tile & Grout Pad can be used to restore LVT Flooring

How to maintain your LVT floors with the Doodle Scrub once they are clean