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We don’t mean to brag, but we’re pretty sure no one else can say that their machines are truly American Made. We can!! The steel used in our frame comes from Arkansas. That same steel is fabricated just a few minutes from our factory where the machines are assembled by hand. The  motor is also made in the United States. We believe in American Made products and the opportunities created by supporting American companies. That is why we make every effort to incorporate components that are made right here in the good old United States of America.

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Don't You Deserve the BEST Floor Machine in the Industry?

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Pays for itself by saving you money!

The Proof is in the Numbers:


Chemical Prep 1000 sqft w/Rotary Machine**

Labor: $31.25

Chemical Stripper: $12.50

Chemical Stripping Pad: $2.50


Total Cost Per 1000 sqft: $46.25


Dry Prep 1000 sqft w/Square Scrub System

Labor: $9.50

SQP Pad: $8.26


Total Cost Per 1000 sqft: $17.76


Savings: $28.49


**Based on ISAA Time Standards of 1000 sqft of VCT preparation with a 175 rpm 20” rotary machine.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tool

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Skeptical about using a Square Scrub for carpet cleaning?

Check out this article in Contracting Profits magazine (pages 13-14)

0ver 100 Floor Preparation Tools to Help You Through Your Day.

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