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Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner – One Gal. 55 EBG-ECC

Carpet Encapsulation

Interim maintenance procedures on the carpet, such as encapsulation cleaning, use less water, detergent, and labor than restorative methods such as hot water extraction. Additionally, encapsulation dries in 30 minutes as compared to 4 to 8 hours for extraction cleaning, returning the space to use much faster. Because encapsulation uses far less water than extraction, spots do not wick back to the surface after cleaning. In fact, if you were to extract 1,000 square feet of carpet you would use 8 gallons of water and 16 to 24 ounces of detergent. To encapsulate the same 1,000 square feet of carpet would only require 1 gallon of water and 8 ounces of detergent! Encapsulation works by separating the oily, sticky soils from the carpet fiber through detergent action. Once the soils are separated, the detergent dries to a flaky, non-sticky crystal around the soil. The soil can be recovered as soon as the carpet is dry in 30 minutes, though most simply recover it during the next scheduled vacuuming.

Tools Needed:

Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner SS EBG-ECC

Pump Sprayer

Microfiber Carpet Pad


Microfiber Carpet Pad


1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

2. Mix encapsulant according to the manufacturers’ directions in a pump-up or electric sprayer.

3. Pre-spray a small area to be cleaned, such as a lOxlO or 12×12 area, applying more encapsulation detergent to conspicuous or obvious spots.

4. Tip the Pivot back and apply the Microfiber Carpet Pad and saturate it by spraying it with the sprayer.

5. Begin cleaning, moving the machine forward, making long, overlapping passes like a lawnmower.

6. When you come to spots that need extra agitation, work them east-west and north-south, cross-hatching the area.

7. Check the Microfiber Carpet Pad when pre-spraying a new area. Check for soil loading and flip or replace as needed.

8. After the area is cleaned, recover the encapsulated soil when the carpet is dry or at the next scheduled vacuuming.