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How has the Square Scrub grip face evolved?


 Read about the Square Scrub grip face evolution here: Square Scrub Grip Face History






How many square feet will 3M stone polishing products cover?


 View our 3M stone polishing case study here: 3M Stone Polishing Case Study






What is the best method for taking care of my grip face?


 Download the grip face care instructions here: Grip Face Care






How much faster is the chemical free method of floor preparation than conventional slurry methods with buckets of water and harsh chemical strippers?


 It depends on the amount of area you are stripping. Small difficult areas with carpet located close to the floor show huge time savings. Most of our customers report time saving of at least 50%.






Does the EBG-20 strip all the finish or “wax” off the floor?


 The EBG only removes the finish on the surface of the floor. The finish or “wax” that is in the pores and cracks of the tile is not removed. This saves about two coats of wax that normally is required to replace and reseal the tile. The coats that soak right in don’t need to be replaced. Your first coat of finish should look about like what your third coat would normally look.






What are the specifications of the EBG-20 motor?


 Under normal operation the EBG-20/C motor runs with an amp draw of 7.0 amps. The EBG-28 which is much heavier draws more amps. Depending on the work being done it will range from 9 amps up to 14 amps.






How long is the warranty on the motor?


 The EBG-20 motor has a 2 year parts and labor warranty.






How long will the rubber isolators last that allow the head to rotate?


 It is difficult to answer since everyone uses their machine a little differently. We have users reporting over 200 hours of operation before changing the rubber isolators. The isolators are easy to change and the Square Scrub website has an owners section with a short video showing the process. It should take someone with normal mechanical ability about 20 minutes to swap the isolators. We recommend changing the isolators every year, or every three months if machine is under heavy use.






How much does a set of isolators cost?


We now have an isolator repair kit for every machine we make. Cost for the kit is $76.40 for all

20-inch machines and $120.53 for the 28-inch machines. We recommend always replace them as a set. Don’t just replace the one that is showing to be broken. Think of them as a wear item just like the rubber squeegee blades on an auto-scrubber.






How long is the power cord on the EBG-20?


 The power cord on EBG machines is fifty feet long and is made of high quality 14 gauge wiring. We do not recommend using an extension cord with EBG machines.






Can I use gym floor type screens with my EBG-20/C on regular VCT or Terrazzo with normal floor finish?


 Follow the instructions on the bucket of the manufacturer of the gym floor finish.

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