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Battery Powered Doodle Mop EBG-16-BAT

by Square Scrub


  Every official document requirement pertaining to COVID-19 specifies disinfecting a clean surface. The BattMop will effectively clean floors while allowing the needed dwell time for the disinfectant to do its job!


•  Helps reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

•  Allows the needed dwell time for the disinfectant to do its job.

•  Helps Healthcare clients increase their HCAHP scores.

•  Cleans under hospital beds, under desks, kitchen appliances and

    work stations, in restrooms around urinals and toilets.



The battery powered Doodle Mop (BattMop) puts the power of an autoscrubber into anyones hands!

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Battery Powered Doodle Mop delivers:


•  Modern, progressive cleaning tool with state of the art orbital cleaning ability.

•  NO change in protocol or cleaning methods.

•  Battery operated, no cords to trip on.  Safer and easier.

•  Simple & effective, easy to operate.

•  Use current processes, no reason to change training.

•  The power of an autoscrubber that can be carried on a janitor's cart.

•  Safer & more ergonomic experience for the operator.

•  Doodle Mop is super quiet at only 50 dBA.




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Contec Premira Advanced Microfiber

The one time use (disposable) microfiber removes soil, biofilm, and other contaminants and is disposed of.  A mop head is continuously used room to room.

Before & After - Click to enlarge.

After use.

Before use.

The Doodle Mop in Action